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jessa was born and raised by new yorkers who couldn’t have grown up more differently. A jewish woman who grew up on the Upper West Side and a black man from Harlem with family roots in Conway, South Carolina. jessa has always had constant exposure to these two vastly different worlds, and her sound reflects this. 


jessa’s father, John Gore, is a seasoned artist manager. jessa started her journey in music by leaning heavily on her dad’s industry relationships - out of this came access to top producers, writers, engineers, and studios.


Over the past year jessa has been exploring music on her own terms. In straying from industry connections and building new relationships with young musicians who are all trying to forge their own paths, jessa has come into her own and developed a more genuine sound.


She has spent time refining her lyricism and writing style as well as gotten comfortable doing more experimental projects - working outside of the studio without the express goal of walking out with a hit has been a game changer in jessa’s development. jessa values the ability to make music that feels like her, not what people around her think will chart well.

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"...This woman has a hell of a voice on her. ...‘Want Me’. ..this song is one of those soulful songs that has a hint of pop. For me, I absolutely loved the way she carries the melody of the song. She def hits the soul filling and also the pop in her music. I really can’t wait till she comes out with a full length album!" 

                                                                               Jack Saint, The Music Reviews