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On "Neither Do We": "A beautifully sensual and sleek blend of alt-RnB and pop from American talent jessa. Her approach to music making combines airy and soothing vocals with rich, complex harmonies to form sounds that are nothing short of sublime."​


"New-York based singer-songwriter jessa releases new pop/RnB single unweave. Smokey vocals are backed by a laid back Monte Booker type beat. The verses are packed with thoughtful lyrics, intriguing to listen to. unweave is about a broken relationship two people are desperately holding onto. This chorus is catchy, it creates a soulful atmosphere..."


"...jessa is an elite member of a new generation bringing real, simple, and melodious music back again. It’s all about the voice, the groove and the song, without too much gloss and gimmicks, which usually serves to distract from the finesse of the performance.

It’s something jessa does not need, having pure, crystal clear talent that needs no covering up or smoothing around any rough angles. The vocals are spot on genuine, with her uniqueness pointing towards smooth ear-candy status.

RnB smothered in pop, or the other way around, depending on your personal taste. Either way she’s blurred the lines between the two so her sound is a melting pot of tasty urban flavors.

jessa certainly deserves a five star rating.  Her voice comes through loud and clear and here tones have an honesty that makes her sound real. Obviously if she keeps her work rate and creative output above the norm it will be hard to imagine that Jessalyn’s talents will go unnoticed..."


"This woman has one hell of a voice on her" ... "For me, I absolutely loved the way she carries the melody of the song. She def hits the soul filling and also the pop in her music. I really can’t wait till she comes out with a full length album!"

Jack Saint, The Music Reviews

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